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My name is Heather Abraham, and ever since I was six, we’ve had dogs in the house.

Pups come number one on my list because at times, they require some of the most complex care when it comes to dieting, medication, exercise; you name it.

I want to be that resource for other pet owners who need a helping hand, and could really use a bit of guidance if they’re new to owning pets.

From puppy to full-grown dog, from boxers to retrievers, I have so much experience and knowledge to share with you about dogs.



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dog breeds

Dalmatian Pitbull Mix (Pitmatian): Facts, Temperament & More

Dalmatian Pitbull Mix (Pitmatian): Facts, Temperament & More

Dalmatian is a highly energetic dog breed that is also intelligent and friendly. On the other hand, a pitbull can…

jack russell pitbull mix

Jack Russell Pitbull Mix: Facts, Temperament, Picture & More

Jack Russell Terriers make for excellent family pets. They are highly energetic, loyal, and clownish. These dogs are the happiest…

dogs with brown noses

12 Dogs With Brown Noses Breeds (With Pictures!)

A black nose is one of the most common features you may associate with dogs. So a pink or brown-colored…

how fast are pit bulls

How Fast Can a Pit Bulls Run? (7 Interesting Facts)

Pit Bulls are good-natured dogs. They can be sweet, confident, athletic, protective, and loyal companions. They also ‌make for good…

black pyrenees dog

15 Awesome Fun Facts About Black Pyrenees Dog

Black Pyrenean Mountain Dog, also known as The Great Black Pyrenees dog, is enormous and powerful. We historically used these…

how to tell if a dog is purebred without papers

How to Tell if a Dog is Purebred Without Papers? 3 Effective Ways

Did you bring a puppy home? Do you have questions about their temperament and health issues? Wondering how you can…


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Health & care

dog ate styrofoam

My Dog Ate Styrofoam: What Should I Do Now? (Vet Answer)

Before knowing the harmful effects of styrofoam on dogs, it is important to learn what it is. Styrofoam is a…

dog ate insulation

My Dog Ate Insulation: What Should I Do Now?

Your curious dog can be tempted to consume anything that’s on hand. These include many things, from leaves to grasses,…

dog ate glass

My Dog Ate Glass: What Should I Do?

You can’t stop your dog from investigating every new thing, even if it’s in the kitchen. These rampant scavengers can…

dogs balls red

Why Are My Dog’s Balls Red? (All You Need to Know)

Being a proactive and responsible dog owner, you indeed don’t take any risks regarding your dog’s health. Along with cuddling…

dog ate adderall

My Dog Ate Adderall: What to Do Now?

Dogs are curious, and their curiosity can land them in neck-deep trouble. They smell everything through their mouths and noses.…

dog ate fish food

Help! My Dog Ate Fish Food, Should I be Worried?

Some dogs are champions in eating. They will raid your kitchen in your absence and target every bottle within their…

Dogs training and behaviour

Training & behaviour

dog keeps gulping

Dog Keeps Gulping – Causes And Remedies

Of the several noises dogs make, the commonest ones are barking and whining. It’s a form of communication through which…

why does my dog eat flies

My Dog Ate A Fly! Is It Safe? (Read Now)

Dogs won’t hesitate to consume anything weird they find on their way. Their innately curious nature encourages them to try…

dog ate diaper

Help! My Dog Ate A Diaper! What To Do Now?

Young kids get their hands on everything they get. It won’t take them a second to put anything they come…

why do male dog lick other male dogs privates

6 Common Reasons Dogs Lick Other Dogs’ Privates With Answer

Dogs indulge in different behavior lifelong. Some seem human-like, while a few might appear weird and strange. A dog licks…

why does my dog eat leaves

Why Does My Dog Eat Leaves: Should I Visit a Vet?

Come fall, and the surrounding deck up the best way they can, with colorful leaves scattered everywhere. Walking past the…

why does my dog yawn when i cuddle him

Why Does My Dog Yawn When I Pet Him? 7 Surprising Reasons

Did you know? An individual may yawn around 28 times daily between waking up and going to bed. The reasons…

About dog food


can dogs eat pop tarts

Can Dogs Eat Pop-Tarts? Are They Safe for Dogs?

Pop-tarts are one of the popular and loved snack foods around the world. They were first introduced in 1964. It…

can dogs eat pork rinds

Can Dogs Eat Pork Rinds?(Benefits/Risks)

Are you guilty of sharing tasty treats like pork rinds with your dog? Is it ok for your furry friend…

can dogs eat takis

Can Dogs Eat Takis – Everything You Need to Know

Do you enjoy eating Takis – the intensely flavorful and spicy corn chips? Are you wondering if you can share…

can dogs eat boba

Can Dogs Eat Boba? —A Complete Guide

What is the first picture that pops into your head when you hear the word ‘boba’? Is it the refreshing…

dog food brands to avoid

10 Dog food brands to avoid in 2023 [+5 we recommend]

A dog is the best friend of many people. Almost every pet-owning family treats their pet as a family member,…

can dogs eat cherry pie

Can Dogs Eat Cherry Pie? (Check Here To Find Out)

Although dogs are known for their loyalty to their owners, they are also just as steadfast (if not even more…

dog products and essentials