Is Hobby Lobby Pet Friendly And Allows Dogs?

Have you ever been stopped from taking your pet to a store? As per ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), stores are required to allow service animals into areas open to the public.

So, people owning a service dog, which helps them with daily activities, are allowed in stores. However, if you have animals like an iguana, you will have to consider keeping them at home, as the store owners will not allow them inside their premises.

Is Hobby Lobby Pet Friendly And Allows Dogs
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Hobby Lobby is one of the largest art and craft retailers in the country. In this article, we will focus on Hobby Lobby’s policy on pets. We will dive into questions: Are dogs allowed in Hobby Lobby? Is it necessary to call them beforehand?

What is Hobby Lobby?

What is Hobby Lobby?
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For those unaware, Hobby Lobby is a retailer that specializes in the art and craft niche.

What is so special about this retailer? They are the largest privately owned arts and crafts retailer with over 900 stores. Their product offerings are spread over 70,000 items.

You need a greeting card, home décor, art supplies, craft supplies, hobby supplies, jewelry making supplies, tableware, or yarn; you can find all of this under one roof.

As the store caters to a diverse audience base, it is natural to assume many of these customers will have pets. And not everyone can leave their pets behind when visiting a store. So, how does the store accommodate the needs of pet parents?

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What is Hobby Lobby’s Policy on Pets?

What is Hobby Lobby's Policy on Pets
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Hobby Lobby does not have a clear pet policy defined on its website. But if we consider customer reviews and other anecdotal evidence, the store allows pets into its premises.

If we consider ADA, commercial facilities like hotels, movie theatres, retail merchants, health clubs, etc., are prohibited from discriminating against people with disabilities. So if you have a service animal along, you can take them to these commercial establishments.

And if you are in doubt, it is best to call the store and confirm as the retailer does not have an official pet policy published.

What Pets Can You Take Along at Hobby Lobby?

Taking common pets like dogs and cats to Hobby Lobby should be fine. But, it would help if you were careful that the animals do not disrupt the store work or bother other customers.

You might have difficulty getting into Hobby Lobby with pets like exotic birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, lizards, or snakes. It can be difficult to control these animals in a public setting. If left unrestrained, pets like hamsters can get lost between shelves; snakes can scare off other customers. Remember, not everyone likes to be around pets.

According to ADA, only dogs are recognized as service animals. So, depending on the situation and the pet type, the manager can disallow you from bringing an unconventional pet to the store.

Are Dogs Allowed in Hobby Lobby?

Are Dogs Allowed in Hobby Lobby?
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Yes, a dog is a common pet animal allowed in most stores. And if the dog is a service animal, the store is legally bound to allow the pet in with you. Please be careful not to misuse the law, though. Do not claim your dog is a service dog just to get into the store.

Ensure the dog is calm and on a leash before entering the store. You do not want your dog to run through the store, dropping products and creating a mess.

For example, if you own a Siberian Husky, you know they are bound to run the moment they are off the leash. Also, they are very vocal and famous for bringing down the house with their barking. And smaller dogs like Rough Collies can get aggressive.

Dogs are allowed in stores, but in cases where their behavior leads to trouble, employees could ask you to leave. Also, be aware some stores that do not encourage pets on their premises may ask you to elaborate on how the dog helps you with your disability.

What to do Before Taking Your Dog to Hobby Lobby?

If you want to take your dog to Hobby Lobby, it is your responsibility to ensure it is on its best behavior. Keep the dog on a short leash. You do not want them running into things or people.

Some stores allow you to carry dogs in crates or trolleys. This is a fun way to carry your dog around the store. It helps them keep restrained.

Before going to the store, make sure the dog has had the opportunity to pee or poop. You could be caught unprepared as some stores might have a clean-up policy after your pet pee or poop.

Does Hobby Lobby’s Pet Policy Differ According to Location?

Does Hobby Lobby's Pet Policy Differ According to Location
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According to law, service dogs have to be allowed in stores. Some employees might ask to explain how the dog helps with your disability, but they cannot deny you and the dog permission to enter at the end of the day.

Moreover, if you carry your pet dog or cat at a local store, employees might not allow you to take them along for several reasons. For example, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers are common dogs banned from most US stores as they could get aggressive.

To be on the safer side, call up the store in advance and confirm if pets are allowed. Enquire if there are any specific rules to be followed.

If you want to be a model customer and get on the store’s good books, you could ask the staff to recommend the best time to visit the store with your pet. This way you can avoid crowds, get assistance from staff and have a fun shopping experience.

Taking an untrained dog to a store is risky. The dog could topple things, ruin items, make a mess, cause inconvenience to shoppers, pee or poop, or worse, get hurt. Accidents can happen even after your best effort to manage your dog; it is best to come prepared with a doggy bag. In such cases, employees can ask you to leave.

What are Other Dog-Friendly Stores in the US?

What are Other Dog-Friendly Stores in the US
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According to Statista, 69 million houses in the US own at least one pet dog. When people bring home a pet, they become a part of their family. People want to take their pets along when they go out for vacation or shopping.

Thus, if brands want to be inclusive and reach out to a larger audience, a pet-friendly policy helps. People will naturally gravitate towards stores that welcome both them and their pets.

Some big brands like Home Depot, Per, Michael’s, Petsmart, The Apple Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, Barnes and Noble, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Tractor Supply Co., Pottery Barn, and Brass Pro Shops, among other businesses, allow dogs in their stores.

Always check the company’s website for their pet policy. There could be instances where the local store could deny pets entry. Thus, call ahead for a hassle-free shopping trip.

Is Your Dog Ready To Go To Hobby Lobby?

Are dogs allowed in Hobby Lobby? Yes, but are they ready to go?

You might want your pet to tag along, but think from their perspective, do they want to?

Is your dog comfortable going out? How do they behave in social situations? Do they get anxious in a new setting or around new people? If social interaction makes your dog uncomfortable, it is best to polish their socialization skills before you take them shopping. Moreover, putting them in an unfamiliar setting when they are already anxious will worsen their condition.

Is your dog incapable of following basic obedience commands? Does your dog keep pulling on the leash? If yes, you need to spend some time with your pet, training.

Tips To Do Shopping with Dogs Easier

Tips To Do Shopping with Dogs Easier
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If you are visiting a pet-friendly commercial establishment, here are a few tips to make shopping easier with dogs around.

  • Take the pet out on a walk before visiting the store. Once they have gotten their daily dose of exercise, fun, and play, they might be calmer inside the store.
  • Let them take care of their business. Give them a chance to go poop. If they end up pooping in the store, it is your responsibility to clean up the mess. Please do so promptly, do not expect staff to clean up dog poop. Go well prepared with a doggy bag, wipes, and sanitizer.
  • Keep them on a short leash. Do not let them wander the store on their own. Be careful around people; give them plenty of room to move around.
  • Big retail stores with crowds are not the ideal place for your pet. Even if your dog is decent around strangers, a noisy crowd can put them on the fence. Thus, avoid visiting the store during peak hours.
  • Taking your dog to the pet store would be a good way to introduce them to shopping. The staff in these stores are better equipped to handle your dog. Once your dog is comfortable visiting the pet store, you can slowly start taking them along to other places.
  • Do not get so engrossed in your shopping that you forget about your pet. Always keep an eye on them. Make sure they do not bump into things or people. If you notice your pet is getting stressed, it is best to leave the store, calm them down and try next time.


Are dogs allowed in Hobby Lobby? Yes, dogs are allowed.

Hobby Lobby does not have a pet policy published on its website. But going by customer experiences, one of the country’s biggest art and craft retailers is pet-friendly.

If your pet is well-trained, listens to your commands, and generally has a calm temperament, you can take them along for shopping.

Be respectful of the employees and other customers in the store. Also, ensure your dog is safe and is doing ok in the new environment, around strangers.

It is best to call the local store beforehand and ask them if they allow dogs to avoid any confusion.

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