5 Best Ground Cover for Dogs (Updated)

If you’re a dog owner, there’s no way you can deny your little guy the pleasure of playing outdoors. No matter which breed of dog you own, these little woofers love being in the open. But unfortunately, this means you can never have a tidy backyard!

Even after cleaning your yard daily, you’ll have dog poop, dirt, and pee all over, making your open backyard not that much of a pleasant space. And that’s just one problem. Dogs also scratch and claw at the ground, often ripping out the grass and damaging the top soil in the process. So does that mean you have to choose one or the other between having a lovely little dog and great outdoors? Of course not!

We have a few options using which you can cover your backyard, and still keep it natural and easy to play in. These ground covers are fantastic because they’re easy to clean and solve all the problems that come with a pup that loves to be outside.

Ground Covers You Must Choose If You Own a Dog

Ground covers are a necessity if you want to protect your backyard’s soil, plus, have a clean and orderly space. The seven ground covers listed below are the best of the best. Keep reading to find all about them and then choose the best one for yourself.

VanSmaGo Walk Maker• Stuardy
• Easy to use
• Resuable
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1000 THYME Common• HARVEST
• It is a popular seasoning with an endless number of uses
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Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed• Feeds with essential nutrients and protects seedlings from disease
• Seeds up to 4,660 sq. ft.
• Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Kentucky Bluegrass Mix
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Outsidepride Dichondra Repens Ground Cover Plant Seed• Dichondra is a great grass alternative for warmer climates.
• It only reaches 2 - 3 inches
• These seeds are heirloom and non gmo.
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Asiatic Jasmine Minima• Asiatic jasmine requires little mowing
• Asiatic jasmine requires very little maintenance
• salt tolerant and can be grown in coastal areas
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1. VanSmaGo Walk Maker

VanSmaGo Walk Maker, Pathmate Stone Moldings Paving Pavement Concrete Molds Stepping Stone Paver Walk Way Mold for Patio, Lawn & Garden(Big Size:16.9 x 16.9 x 1.6 inch)
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A backyard doesn’t always have to be fully green. You can experiment with things such as; concrete pavement, especially since such materials are extremely easy to clean. The VanSmaGo Walk maker is a concrete board that you can place anywhere and get a beautiful patterned concrete pavement. And for a dog owner, this property is invaluable.

As it is made of high-quality plastic, you can use this mold to create pavements from concrete, clay, etc. And because of its unique design, once your pavement is ready, it’ll look like you’ve placed individual stones in a pattern to create it. 

If you own a giant naughty dog that tends to crush your herbaceous garden every time it goes out to play, this is a great choice for a ground cover. It’s completely hassle-free to clean and maintain, so much so that even a teenager could do it!

There are Several Other Features that Make it a Steal. Check them out Below!

  • Easy to Use: You don’t need professional tools to build pavements with the VanSmaGo Walk Maker. All you have to do is pour in the concrete/cement mixture in the mold, then wait for it to dry slightly before moving it forward and repeating the process. Since making a pavement with it is a child’s play, you won’t need to spend too much time or money as well.
  • Suitable for all Spaces: Grasses or herbs are great ground covers for houses that have enough space. But if your house doesn’t, choosing a concrete pavement is a great idea. This mold can let you create beautiful walkways in the most constricted spaces.
  • Easy to Clean: We know you love your little buddy. But let’s admit it, cleaning up after them is a true hassle. This concrete walk maker, however, makes it easy. It’s completely waterproof, doesn’t stain, and doesn’t hold odor. As long as you do the usual washing with water and a cleaning liquid/detergent, you’ll have a fresh walkway all the time.
  • Range of Colour Choices: Concrete walkways don’t always have to be a plain gray color, as you can easily find several colorants in the market. So when you prepare your concrete mixture for the mold, you can add colors to it to make your walkway pop.
  • Sturdy and Durable: The VanSmaGo Walkmaker is made of high-quality polyurethane. It has smooth edges and doesn’t break easily. Once you buy it, it’ll last you almost forever.


  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Makes creating a pavement a piece of cake.
  • Has a unique shape and is reusable.


  • Requires some amount of handiwork. If you’re not comfortable handling concrete, this might not be a good choice for you.
  • It isn’t plush or green, and that can be a problem for some people.
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2. 1000 THYME Common

1000 THYME Common, English, German, French, Garden, or Winter Thymus Vulgaris Herb Flower Seeds
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If you love food, you must have tasted this herb at least once in your life. Although Thyme is a popular herb used mostly in Western cuisine, it works exceptionally as a ground cover. It has gorgeous, scented flowers and moderate growth, making it convenient and pleasant.

This herb is evergreen, provided that you live in a climatic area with mild to moderate winters. If your dog often ends up pooping or peeing, the scent certainly helps cover the bad odor.

Besides, it has other features that make it attractive for dog owners. Find some of them below:


  • Healthy: Thyme is a very nutritious herb for humans and canines, which contains vitamins like A, C, and K that help with a healthy immune system. Moreover, it also has a compound called Thymol. It’s an antiseptic to ward off bad breath in pets, including dogs. So if your dog likes eating off the grass while playing, plant Thyme all over so that they have something nutritious to bite off.
  • Survives in a Variety of Conditions: Thyme can survive well in most types of weather. While they need proper drainage to thrive, they can also survive droughts and harsh conditions. They grow well in alkaline to neutral soils, so before you plant them, make sure you prep the soil well.
  • Pest-free and Scented: Thyme plants do not foster pests or insects. This makes Thyme a safe and perfect ground cover for dogs. Moreover, the plant grows pink or white flowers in late spring, and when it does, your entire yard will smell delightful.


  • It grows quickly and easily and survives harsh conditions.
  • It is nutritious and will be beneficial for your little buddy.


  • The woody stem requires cutting and care to promote healthy growth. If you’re not fond of gardening and can’t afford to hire someone to do it for you, it might be time-consuming to choose Thyme as a ground cover.
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3. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed

Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed
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Kentucky Bluegrass, or Poa pratensis, is the right choice as a ground cover for dogs if you’re looking to have a durable, long-lasting green cover in your yard. In spite of being native to Europe and North Asia, with this bag of plants, you can plant them almost anywhere.

Usually, the Kentucky Bluegrass plant grows as a pasture in well-drained soils. But in modern times, it is being used in stadiums and professional sports fields. This grass has a high growth activity and spreads in no time. But this also means that it can sometimes be invasive if left unchecked.

While this ground cover doesn’t have nutritional properties, it is not toxic either. And there are several more features that make it worth your while.


  • Durable: It doesn’t rip off easily, so if you have a pet that loves to claw at the grass, this is the right ground cover for you. You’ll have a blossoming green lawn for a long time if you choose this one.
  • Self-repairs: Dogs often end up damaging foliage beyond a point of repair. In such cases, having a ground cover like Kentucky Bluegrass helps immensely. That’s because these plants self-repairs and regrows without much hassle.
  • WaterSmart PLUS: Scotts Turf builder’s pack of Kentucky grass seeds has a unique feature that speeds up its growth. Through the WaterSmart PLUS technology, this bag of seeds grows two times faster and retains water better.


  • It doesn’t require extensive maintenance and is perfect for working people who don’t have time for gardening.
  • It grows and spreads quickly, even if your dog damages it.


  • It is an invasive species that can prevent the growth of other flowering plants in your garden.
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4. Outsidepride Dichondra Repens Ground Cover Plant Seed

Outsidepride Dichondra Repens Ground Cover Plant Seed
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Native to New Zealand, this herbaceous plant makes an excellent, plush, and gorgeous ground cover for dogs. It’s also called kidney weed or Mercury Bay weed; this one, too, is an invasive species. But that makes it all the more suitable to cover the barren spots your enthusiastic dog has left in your yard.

Dichondra grows only about 2-3 inches in height, so it doesn’t become too much of a hassle to maintain. It is a creeping plant that has roots at its nodes. Its leaves are round with a dip in the center where the stem is attached.

It usually flowers between September and February. The white flowers can even add a glorious touch to your space. So this ground cover is not just practical, it’s also pleasant. Here are some of its other notable features as a ground cover for dogs.


  • Perennial: Dichondra grows all year round, so you don’t have to wait for a specific time in the year to buy these seeds and plant them. Just prep your soil with proper drainage and fertilizers, and plant the seeds. The plant will overtake your space in no time.
  • Can tolerate a range of Temperatures: Dichondra plants can flourish well in both low and high temperatures. This makes them a great choice regardless of your geographic location.
  • Cover a Large Area: Just 1 pound of dichondra seeds can cover a large area of about 500 sq ft. With this 5 pound bag, you can have a small to mid-size yard completely full. They also barely need any maintenance to spread out and stay alive.


  • They are plush and great at protecting your topsoil from your pet because they cover it extensively.
  • Dichondra is affordable, hassle-free, and aesthetically pleasant.
  • It is highly adaptable and takes well to different soil types.


  • Some customers have received a faulty bag with very few germinating seeds.
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5. Asiatic Jasmine Minima

Asiatic Jasmine Minima
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As the name suggests, this plant is native to Asian countries like Japan and Korea. But in recent times, it has become very popular as a ground cover in the US and other western nations. Its toughness and drought tolerance makes it an excellent option for a wide variety of terrain.

Asiatic Jasmine is also sometimes called “yellow star jasmine” because it has beautiful white flowers with a yellow star-shaped mark in the center. It has waxy, leathery leaves and a climbing growth. The flowers have the signature odor of jasmine.

Other than these, Asiatic Jasmine plants have several qualities that make them fit for you and your dog. Here are some:


  • Attractive: Asiatic Jasmine is a gorgeous looking plant. When it flowers, it can give your garden a stunning look.
  • Easy to Plant and Maintain: Asiatic Jasmine is very easy to plant. It can grow everywhere, from shaded areas to ones that have full exposure to the sun. It can grow easily even in the barren spots where your turfgrass won’t grow. Moreover, it prevents the invasion of weed inherently.
  • Good for Coastal Areas: Being salt tolerant, it flourishes even in coastal areas. If you have a beach house, choosing Asiatic Jasmine as a ground cover is just the right way to go.


  • The pack of 60 live plants is of excellent quality. You won’t have trouble getting these to grow.
  • It looks amazing during the flowering season and also protects your space against bad odor.


  • This plant can sometimes not take heavy footfall.
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Now that you’ve seen the list above, you can weigh your options and choose the best ground cover for your dog. With the right one in place, you can let your little woofer play as much as it wants without breaking a sweat about your space. Just make sure you give your fur buddy ample time to exercise and play in the open because it’s crucial to their physical and mental well-being.

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