15 Best Outdoor Dogs That Love To Live Outside

Does the adventurer inside you care about the company of the canine fellows who love living out just as you do? Did you ever think about your favorite doggos being adventure frenzy too?

You are not wrong to wish all of it. There exist so many regal breeds of dogs who love living out more than anything. Well, most dogs love being out for a short stroll, games, and just for fun.

However, you’d be thrilled to know that there are options of petting these fantastic dogs who, if given a chance, could spend their lives out and about. And, what’s more, these direct relatives of wild wolves can survive the outdoors and make great low-maintenance pets.

When left outdoors, these exquisite pets use their remarkable sense of smell to detect and find new aromas and meet other canines when out for a stroll. You can also witness your pet’s happiness when it comes across another dog. They love reuniting with old four-legged pals or making new buddies.

Imagine walking with these little bundles of joy and giving your daily regimen a break.

Sounds therapeutic, right? If you too want to parent a four-legged canine wonder with a zest to be outdoors, we give you the expert list. Keep reading to find out more!

15 Best Outdoor Dogs

See the list below to know all about 15 of the best outdoor dog breeds. Then, you can choose the one you like best and get it home ASAP.

1. Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie is Scottish of origin. Like a true Scottish, it’s nothing short of a delight to have as your companion. They do justice to their name with thick hair that grows out of their face, making it look like they have a beard. Bred originally for herding sheep by the natives, Collies were taken up as household pets in the early 20th century.

Their obedience and agility make them suited for almost all kinds of outdoor activities. This intelligent breed is quite active and friendly, making it the ideal pet for really active people, like children, and can spend hours playing with them.

Their herding heritage makes for their alert and bouncy nature. It also adds to their outdoorsy nature and hard to contain enthusiasm and headstrongness. They need long exercises to keep them energized, some of which they find on their own running around the house. This makes it hard to keep an organized home but is the best option if you want an enthusiastic best friend who keeps you on your toes.

2. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

Originally used for Hunting and War, Wolfhound is one of the tallest breeds of dogs. They are descendants of Sighthounds, which chased prey on sight. Historically, they were also used for wars, in which they would drag soldiers off horses.

They are naturally obedient and good trackers, making them perfect pets. Their gentle nature adds to this, and they are kind, even to small kids who treat them as friends. Walking and exercising are essential to them, and while they show no discomfort indoors, the change in their manner when in nature is a sight to see.

They can grow up to 90 centimeters, making it hard to be contained in a household or an apartment. Naturewise, they are very active and enthusiastic, making it a tall fence to manage them when they get excited. They are loving and have a gentle and noble appearance that makes it impossible not to like them.

3. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

As the name suggests, this breed of outdoor dogs is native to Siberia – a country too close to the pole and filled with ice. Bred originally for sled pulling and companionship, they radiate energy that outmatches almost every other breed. They are sled dogs and do not grow much in terms of size.

Owing to the cold weather of their country, they have a thick coat of fur, which comes in a plethora of colors. Their ocean blue eyes add to the beauty of this breed. Thanks to their heritage, they are very athletic in nature and intelligent and a challenge to tame if not bred and trained.

They have a surprising ability to learn new things, making them the ideal companion for humans, especially those who love the outdoors and exploration. They are also herding dogs, and they get along very well with other dogs and almost any animal if you have them as your pets. But, it is very challenging to keep them indoors or contained for long as they have a wild nature. This makes it hard to keep huskies as a pet anywhere without a wide-open space.

4. Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute is basically a cousin of Siberian Husky. They, too, were bred originally for their strength to pull sleds. They also have a heavy endurance, making them optimal for their role as sled dogs. They, too, have a heavy coat of fur covering their body to help with the cold of their origin.

It is one of the most ancient breeds of dogs that still exist today, without much change to looks or nature. Their heritage makes it a necessity for them to always be active. They are also one of the most sensitive breeds of dogs, making regular and proper companionship a requirement to be petted. They are not suited to indoor pets, as they shed a lot, and it is hard to keep the fur healthy in non-cold weather.

They are very active and need a job to keep them busy at all times. They are also intelligent, making them quite the companion in outdoor games or even work.

5. Labrador


Labrador, or Labrador Retriever, is a Gun Dog originally bred in the UK. They are one of the most popular dog breeds, with their obedient, playful, and loyal nature.

They have a keen intelligence, and their heritage makes them quite athletic and active. They are always full of energy, and the fact that it is people-oriented makes them the ideal pet for people with children. Their energy makes it almost impossible to contain them within the walls of a small house. They would love it if you could let it run around with the people in an outdoor or open space, like a park or a playground.

They are intelligent and active, making them the most chosen breed as companion dogs or even trained as assistance dogs. They are sensitive and can even impart this feeling to humans, so they are selected to be therapy dogs for disturbed patients.

6. English Mastiff

English Mastiff

This giant breed of dogs would accompany their human partners to really long and thoughtful walks. In terms of body mass, with a hefty body, broad skull, and head typically square in shape, it is the largest outdoor dog breed.

They also are known popularly to compete with St Bernards for a smooth beige complexion and a flawless, sleek body.

On top of this sculpted body, these dogs are known to be playful and cheery outside. They walk a lot alongside the English pavement, gardens, and other pathways. Mastiffs are brave and have an outweighing gentle temper and generosity. In fact, you can call them the kindest and most docile of all the outdoor dogs. They are best suited for your straightforward outdoor life.

7. Australian Shepherd Dog

Australian Shepherd Dog

What dog would compete with the pastoral dogs like this one who was bred to roam freely? Australian Shepherds are a product of crossbreeding of different Collies. They have a medium-length, wavy dual coat with a dense undercoat and a coarse topcoat; they are thin on the face and highly feathered on the back legs. They are particularly famous for their distinct color and diverse coat patterns.

Today, dogs are in demand because of their outgoing and free nature. Because of their adventurer nature, Australian Shepherds are trained to perform so many tricks and are very easily trainable.

So, if you choose to pet this fellow, there is very little work for you to do. And in return, you get terrific companionship and a tiny runner who could outrun you in all your adventures.

8. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are known to roam around the Swiss Alps and can withstand the extremities of nature. They are perfect for all weathers and make the best dog to go on detours and expeditions.

They are huge, heavily built dogs with a striking tri-colored coat that is black with a white chest and rust-colored markings over the eyes, sides of the mouth, and limbs. Their fur coat is among the most beautiful protective coats, along with all the dogs.

They are the best four-legged pals for all your late-night rides or morning walks due to their obedient, quirky, and cheerful nature. They love nature and are truly happy when left outside to play, roam or just sit around. They are, however, a tad bit shy and need an amount of time to open up to be your pal. Once befriended, they will always be your tail in or out alike.

9. German Shepherds

German Shepherds

The Shepherds can be considered the black-tie canine counterparts of all the workaholics. These dogs were introduced first as herding guardians for sheep and cattle. They are the most rustic and robust heavy dogs to pet and take out today. These dogs being the herders in nature, love being out naturally. In contrast to their domed brow, a sizable square-cut snout with a powerful jawline that makes them look rogue, these dogs are the best for companionship.

They are pretty popular pets because of their love for being out and their very cooperative shy nature. German Shepherds also serve as police dogs, military assistants, therapy dogs, disability aids, and other professional trainees. The breed comes with a promise of safety, adventure, and responsibility, just the right qualities you need in your pets, don’t you?

10. Belgian Sheepdog

Belgian Sheepdog

These medium-sized herders all the way from Belgium are little pockets of fireworks. And, not a lot of people would know, but these dogs are historically popular as herding dogs for cattle stock in Belgium. Apart from that, they served as informants or military dogs in the World Wars. Need we say more? Get yourself a Belgian Sheepdog and see the adventures rolling out your way.

Their head is long and thin, with angular, upright ears curled at the bottom and a very slim athletic build. These dogs are born runners and can run steadily at a mediocre pace. They also are adept at walking alongside their human partners and have served a great deal as therapy dogs. Most importantly, their furry, cute face with mischief written all over it is enough for you to pet them again and again.

11. American Foxhound

American Foxhound

American Foxhounds are long-lost cousins of English Foxhounds. This breed was carefully given all the stamina, strength, and a robust athletic body to hunt down foxes in the past. Today, the same alert reflexes, fierce strength, and the ability to hear from a great distance are present in American Foxhounds, which serve as the best guard dogs.

These dogs are sleek and slender built with patchy skin all over and a mediocre coat with a combination of tan, white, and black patches. Their fur is not very prominent, but they are pretty hairy.

What makes them stand out is their stunning ability to walk hand in hand(rather paw to paw) with their human partners in all sorts of outdoor settings.

12. The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees

The French four-legged guardian angels are the best fit for the short outdoor detours you love taking. Do not go on their meek and fragile body, for they are one of the strongest dog breeds. This dog breed in French Alps and neighboring areas is kept to ward off predatory foxes and hounds, protecting their pastoral stock.

The Pyrenees are best suited for your taste if you like gigantic furry dogs with a constant cheery mood. They have a petite neck but heavily body with an astounding tale that lays low generally.

However, once your dog is happy, you can see the wagging furry tail going up in the air. These dogs love being out, cleaning themselves, and are quite friendly in nature. They also are adept at assessing human emotions and can uplift your mood within a minute. Pet these and yank all your worries away.

13. Rottweiler


Rottweiler is perhaps one of the domestic breeds of dogs with a knack for roaming around. This quality comes from the long history of its breeding, where it was petted to carry loads and herd sheep in the countryside.

These doggos are cute, slender, and very alert. They are also quite playful beings once they grow attached to you. Presently, Rottweilers are primarily used for herding and as a domestic pet. But, they also serve their fair share as country watchdogs, police dogs, therapy dogs, etc.

Rottweilers are known for their remarkable nature and friendly companionship. They are multipurpose dogs with a slim body of medium height and a mediocre coat. Their head is smaller with a pointy nose, which is smaller than their body. But, you know the best part, their grin goes from ear to ear, making them adorable for all.

14. Samoyed


The Samoyeds are Siberian look-alikes of the Spitz and are one of the cutest outdoor pets to have. These dogs are covered in fur with really short legs and an angular face due to their artic connection. They generally come in the snow-white coat, but another variant comes in a little tan shade known as the biscuit.

Samoyed is famously known as Smiley Dogs because of its overtly friendly nature. They are happy and love walking a little bit of PDA from their human companions.

They love meeting new dogs, taking walks, and enjoying little games. So, if you wish to amp up the overall cuteness quotient of your house, get a smiley dog like this one.

15. Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle dogs are well adept at running and chasing around the rough terrains of Australia. These dogs were petted to chase hounds and foxes away from the herds of sheep and other cattle. Cattle Dogs are the best-suited dogs in the middle size range for those who wish to be petite but athletic dogs.

These middle-sized dogs come in different shades of blue, mottled, speckled, and other rustic reds and browns.

They have a mediocre fur coat that protects them from the rough wind while they go running all over. Cattle Dogs are friendly and very low maintenance. They are known to live independently and make great pets for all the office goers.


Dogs are the best pets today. Apart from the companionship you get, there are so many added benefits of having them around. These fifteen options here are all best suited for the outdoor lifestyle that you seek. So instead of thinking over and over, go and bring your pet home and be a proud dog parent today!

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