5 Big White Dog Breeds You Will Love

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Love running your hands across the back of a furry dog or cuddling with a big teddy-like one every night? You might be a fan of big dogs. But have you thought of getting a white, glossy, regal-looking one? 

You have a range of choices when it comes to big white dogs, but no matter which one you get, you’ll have a cute, gorgeous, and cuddly furry buddy that you can show off on Instagram and curl up with every so often. 

But which giant white dog breed would be perfect for you? The ones that are friendly and have low maintenance or those that need special care? Keep reading to know your answers and more!

Big White Dogs You Should Bring Home

The range of choices available for these Big White Dogs is astonishing, and each one of these breeds is unique on its own. Some of these may require a little more attention in grooming and caring. Their temperament may vary, and you will have to understand their needs. It’s not just about owning one but getting along with it is of utmost importance. So, here is the list. Just scroll the page to read it in detail.

#1. Samoyed

Image Credit: https://www.dailypaws.com/

The Samoyed is a giant white dog breed that originated in Siberia. And because it originated in such a cold location, it has a thick furry coat. So if you’re a fan of soft and furry pets, this is the one for you. Also, if you live in a cold city or town, you’d want a dog with a thick coat, just like the one a Samoyed has. 

Samoyeds are extremely sweet and cuddly. They bond pretty well with people, so in no time, you’ll have your entire family fawning over yours. You’ll also need to take proper care of them, grooming and brushing them almost every day. 

Despite being friendly, Samoyeds are agile and athletic. In Siberia and neighboring regions, they pull sleighs, and do other such work. So if you get a furry Samoyed for yourself, you’ll have to make sure you take it out to walk and play with it regularly. These dogs need exercise, and you can’t keep them healthy without giving them plenty of it. 

#2. The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees
Image Credit: https://be.chewy.com/

The Great Pyrenees is probably the largest of all dogs on this list. These are among the best large white dog breeds you can have as your dear buddy. It’s furry and gentle, and very friendly too. If you have kids or babies, this one is a great dog to buy. 

The Great Pyrenees is pretty adaptable. It’ll take no time adapting to a domestic environment, especially if you get one as a puppy. But you’ll have to go slightly out of your way to take care of them. The Pyrenees have a thick coat, which means they aren’t great at living in warm climates. If you live in such a region and plan on getting to the Pyrenees, you’ll have to make sure it stays in an air-conditioned environment most of the time. 

This woofer is also very athletic, so you need to get plenty of exercise. Moreover, it also sheds plenty, which can be a problem if you like a spotless home. But you won’t have to brush it as often, which is a gift if you have a busy schedule and no help taking care of your dog. 

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#3. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever
Image Credit: https://www.k9web.com/

It’s a common misconception that Golden retrievers come only in one color: Golden or yellowish-brown. Some dogs of this breed can have a whitish appearance, and since they are large already, that makes them one of the perfect choices for you. And if you’re a dog lover, you might have heard of a white golden retriever too. 

Golden Retrievers are highly popular and very adaptable. They take well to almost all domestic environments and aren’t too high maintenance. And if you’re looking to spend minimal time training your pet, you’ve hit the jackpot with this dog breed. 

While retrievers are really too athletic or active, they need exercise to stay healthy. Take them out to play or just for a long walk every day. They are also good at swimming, so that’s another activity you can try with yours. Either way, they’ll be happy and fine. 

#4. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound
Image Credit: https://www.askideas.com/

Truly one of the most beautiful big white dog breeds, the Afghan Hound is a great choice for people not minding spending time on their dog’s maintenance. It has a glossy white mane and long fur. 

It has a very posh personality. Sometimes, it has a great clowney nature, and you can spend hours playing with it. But while it may not be very friendly with others, it will surely adapt well to you soon. 

As mentioned before, you’ll have to pay special attention to its grooming and care. It has long hair, and you’ll need to brush and shampoo it often to keep it healthy. Moreover, you’ll also need to take it out frequently and ensure it gets a good amount of exercise. 

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#5. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/

While Siberian Huskies aren’t always simply white, they have a mix of white fur with greyish/black portions. Many times, you can even find a purely white husky. And add this gorgeous fur to their striking eyes, and you have yourself a real stunning pet. 

This woofer is great with babies and has a big fur that often makes it appear bulkier than its actual frame. They are very energetic, which means you’ll have your hands full with them all the time. You will need to give them something to play with and take them outside very often, or you’ll have a hyperactive and bored husky at home. 

While these adorable babies are a must-have for a furry and friendly dog fan, you must keep in mind that they shed quite a lot. If you’re allergic or just like to keep your living space clean, you might want to decide against getting a husky. But if that isn’t a problem, getting this caring and loving dog is an excellent idea. 


These 5 big white dog breeds are great options, and you can get the one you find most suitable for your personality. So go today and get yourself a little pup that’ll turn into your giant furry pal in no time!

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