Guide To Choosing A Dog Diaper For Your Dog

If your dog’s battling with incontinence, letting him or her wear a diaper can really help. It can make your dog feel more comfortable, but you need to choose the right kind of diaper.

Aren’t diapers really uncomfortable for your dog?

There are lots of comfy diapers you can buy. By finding the right one for your dog, you can ensure your dog feels unrestricted, while staying clean and happy.

It’s clear to see that you can’t just choose any kind of doggy diaper for your dog. You have to take important considerations into account before buying dog diapers.

Before You Get Your Dog Diapers…

If your dog’s incontinent, you should quickly bring him or her to the vet so that your dog can be examined. He or she might have a medical condition that is to blame for why they’re incontinent, such as urinary tract infections, prostate disorders, or spinal injuries.

Your vet might recommend the use of dog diapers, either during treatment for their health condition or for the long term to deal with the dog’s incontinence.

On a side note, medication for incontinence such as Proin could be administered however, it could be difficult to wean off and may require long-term prescriptions.

Why Your Dog Might Need A Diaper

Why Your Dog Might Need A Diaper

There are many reasons why your dog might need to wear a diaper. These include:

Urinary incontinence

This is a common reason why some dogs need to wear diapers, and it’s commonly experienced by senior dogs who have lost their muscle control. You may see signs of incontinence when your dog dribbles urine as they’re walking around.


If your dog has an illness that they’re recovering from, a diaper can help them to urinate without having to stand or go outside, especially if it’s painful for them to do so. This can also be useful if your dog has an injury.


If your dog’s on chronic medication to treat a health condition, one of the side effects could be increased urination. A doggy diaper can help to prevent your dog from having accidents.

What Types Of Doggy Diapers Are There?


Now that you know more about why your dog might need to wear a diaper, you need to ensure you purchase the right diaper. There are three main doggy diapers to choose from.

Male Wrap Bands

These are bands that wrap around the middle of your dog’s body. They’re usually prescribed for dogs who spray in the home.

Full Diapers

These are diapers that look like human baby diapers. However, some have holes in them so that dog tails can fit through them. 

Harness Diapers

These are also full diapers, but they make use of harnesses. These will be put around the dog’s shoulder to further keep the diaper in place.

What To Consider When Buying Diapers?

What To Consider When Buying Diapers

Ready to purchase diapers for your dog?

Make sure you consider these important factors. 

Your Dog’s Gender

If you have a male dog, he will need different diapers than a female dog.  Male dogs might like to mark their territory, but this can be inhibited by wearing a doggy diaper, so they can do well with a belly band.

A belly band wraps around the dog’s waist instead of being a full diaper, so your dog will have easier movements.

If your dog’s female, a full diaper can be more comfortable.

Generally, the diaper you choose for a male dog should have a wider base and the front of it should cover the urethra.

If your dog’s female, you want to choose a doggy diaper that won’t have the extra material that male dogs need. This will make them more comfortable for female dogs to wear.

Your Dog’s Measurements

Your Dog’s Measurements

You will need to choose diapers based on your dog’s waist size and weight, which will likely vary depending on the breed and size of the dog.

How can you weigh your dog?

If your dog is a large breed, you won’t be able to weigh him or her at home with your bathroom scale so a better bet is to weigh your dog at the vet. If your dog is small, you can use a bathroom scale.

First weigh yourself, then step off the scale and pick up your dog. Get back onto the scale with your dog. Subtract your weight from the number on the scale to get your dog’s weight.

Once you’ve weighed your dog, you can measure your dog by using a tape measure to measure around their waist, which is located two inches above their back legs. You should always measure your dog when it’s standing.

Many doggy diaper manufacturers will have size charts on their website so that you can easily find the right size for your dog. Just bear in mind that if you change diaper brands in future, you should recheck the diaper size guidelines because they can vary from one brand to another. 

Your Dog’s Level Of Activity

If your dog’s very active, a diaper can really get in the way of their daily movements. Your impulse might be to make the diaper more snug but this can be uncomfortable, so your best bet is to choose suspenders for the diapers.

These can be attached to the dog’s harness so that the diaper will remain in place without being too tight for the dog.

The Different Uses Of Diapers

If this is your first time buying a doggy diaper, you might be surprised to know that there are different diapers according to what your dog needs. They’re not always about absorbing urine! 

Generally speaking, dog diapers will be made for incontinent dogs as they’re meant to absorb urine. But you can also find diapers that are meant for female dogs that are in heat or on their period.

Some dogs require heavy-duty diapers that will absorb both urine and feces, so if this is what you need for your dog you’ll need to ensure that the diaper can handle both functions.

Should You Choose Diapers According To Dog Breed?

Should You Choose Diapers According To Dog Breed?

Your dog’s breed plays a vital role in finding the right diaper for your dog.

Some breeds, like Corgis and English bulldogs, don’t have long tails, so they’ll do well on diapers that don’t have a tail hole in them. You want to avoid a tail hole if your dog doesn’t have a long tail otherwise it won’t fit the hole and this could cause the urine to leak out of it.

If your dog has a more pronounced or longer tail, you want to choose a dog diaper that has a hole in it to prevent their tail getting wet and unclean inside the diaper. 

Other Important Doggy Diaper Features 

Make Sure Your Doggy Diaper Has The Right Fasteners

Your dog’s fur can get caught in the diaper fastener which can cause it discomfort, so you want to ensure that the diapers are made in such a way that their fasteners are gentle on fur.

Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers are a good choice because they have fuzzy fastener closures that don’t get stuck to fur, as well as a sewn-in pad that will absorb urine.

Choose Diapers With Soft Linings

If your dog needs a diaper regularly or even daily, you need to ensure that the diaper has soft linings. This will prevent irritated skin or rashes from occurring due to the friction of the diaper against the dog’s body.

Should Doggy Diapers Be Disposable Or Washable?

Should Doggy Diapers Be Disposable Or Washable?

You might find that disposable doggy diapers are much easier to use than ones you have to wash, but washable cloth diapers will be better for a variety of reasons.

For starters, they tend to fit your dog better, thus making wearing a diaper more comfortable.

Disposable diapers tend to have crinkly material that can irritate dogs, but these aren’t present in cloth diapers. Finally, you’ll save more money by using washable instead of disposable diapers, and they’re much better for the environment.

Should You Use Diapers To House-Train Your Dog?

You might want to put a diaper on your dog so that you can house-train him or her and prevent them from ruining your furniture or white carpets. But this isn’t a good idea because it won’t do anything to help the dog learn where it’s okay to pee.

It’s better to take your dog outside when it needs to go, and rather spend time house-training your pup without a diaper.

Do You Need Diaper Pads? 

Do You Need Diaper Pads?

You might want to get a diaper pad. This works as an extra liner in the diaper to boost urine absorption.

It’s especially good if you’re not home all day and don’t want your dog to feel uncomfortable in a soggy diaper. In addition, if you’re using cloth diapers, a liner can help you to extend the use of the diaper between washings.

How To Find Out How Many Diapers You’ll Need?

You’re likely to find disposable dog diaper packs that have between 12 and 24 diapers inside them, while cloth diapers come in single packs or packs that contain a few diapers.

To find out how many diapers you’ll need for your dog, you should pay attention to how regularly your dog urinates.

However, if you want to purchase dog diapers for your female dog who’s on her estrous cycle, you will have to have enough diapers for 14 days and you’ll need to change the diapers twice daily if not more.

How To Change Your Dog’s Diaper

You should change your dog’s diaper regularly throughout the day so that your dog isn’t stuck with a wet and uncomfortable diaper. If your dog wears a dirty diaper for too long, it can cause diaper rash, irritation, and itching, which will increase your dog’s discomfort. It can also lead to infections. 

If you’re not sure how to change your dog’s diaper, here are the steps you should follow:

  • It’s probably a good idea to encourage your dog to urinate before you put a diaper on them. You can do this by gently pressing your dog’s bladder so that it empties, and it can help your dog to keep the diaper drier. However, you should never try to express your dog’s bladder without first asking your vet how to do it and if you need to do it.
  • Once you’ve removed your dog’s diaper, you should clean your dog’s rear with unscented baby wipes before putting on a new diaper.
  • When changing your dog’s diaper, make sure that you let your dog stand in front of you. If your dog’s small, you should kneel down so that it will make it easier for you to change the diaper.
  • If your dog doesn’t want to stand still, you should ask a friend to caress or hold the dog so that you can put the diaper on.
  • If your dog doesn’t have a long tail, you should cover the hole in the diaper if there is one to prevent urine from leaking out of the diaper.
  • Always wash your hands before and after changing your dog’s diaper.
  • Once you’ve put the diaper on your dog, make sure you give your dog a lot of positive reinforcement to make the process of having their diaper changed a stress-free experience! 

Clever Hacks For Ensuring Your Dog’s Diaper Stays On

If you’re battling to ensure that your dog’s diaper stays in place, you could benefit from making use of diaper harnesses. However, there are other things you could do. Here are two dog diaper hacks to try.

  • Put a onesie on your dog. A baby onesie that’s put over the diaper will help to keep it securely in place. However, the onesie will need to be adjusted so that it will be comfortable for your dog. You’ll need to cut a hole in the onesie so that your dog’s tail can go through it.
  • Put boy’s underwear on your dog. An alternative to a onesie is to purchase underwear that would fit a small boy and then put this on your dog so that it covers the diaper and keeps it in place. Just make sure that you cut a hole in the underwear for your dog’s tail and get the right fit by choosing underwear in a size that’s a bit smaller than your dog’s waist measurement.
  • Make use of suspenders. Canine suspenders are similar in fit to a harness. They’ll be placed around your dog’s torso, and make use of buckles or Velcro to keep them in place. Suspenders come in different styles, such as ones that have straps.
  • Use belly bands. Belly bands can also help to keep a male dog’s diaper in place. They make use of fabric that goes around your dog’s waist, but it has to be high enough on the dog’s body so that it will absorb all his urine. Belly bands can also ensure that a pad is held over the dog’s penis to further keep him clean.

Can You Put Human Diapers On Your Dog?

Some dog owners do put human baby diapers on their dogs but if you want to try this you should put the diaper on your dog back to front – which means the diaper fastenings will be on the dog’s back – as this is said to be more comfortable. 

You’ll also need to cut a hole in the diaper if your dog has a long tail. However, there are some good reasons why you should purchase diapers specifically made for your dog, such as that they’ll have a more comfortable fit and dog-friendly straps that won’t hurt your dog.

It’s also easier to use doggy diapers on your pet because you won’t have to make adjustments to them, such as by cutting tail holes. 

How To Prevent Diaper Rash On Your Dog

Diaper rash is uncomfortable for dogs and can lead to infections, so you want to ensure that you prevent it. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Change your dog’s diaper multiple times a day. You should change your dog’s diaper every time your dog urinates. This will prevent the urine from staying on your dog’s body and making him feel a lot of discomfort.
  • Choose diapers with the right lining. Earlier in this article we mentioned that you need to choose doggy diapers that have soft lining. This is really important because you want the elasticated lining to be gentle on your dog’s skin to prevent chafing.
  • Trim the hair on your dog’s rear. This is a good tip if your dog’s very hairy and needs a diaper for urine and feces. By removing some of the fur around your dog’s rear, you can make feces clean-up much easier so that your dog stays clean and free of irritation. 

Related Questions

Why is my dog suddenly incontinent?

If your dog suddenly becomes incontinent, take him or her to the vet immediately. Your dog could have a urinary tract infection or something more serious, such as a bladder problem.

How can you make a diaper comfortable for a dog that’s missing a leg?

Suspenders can help to keep your dog diaper on, and they’re also comfortable for use on dogs that have had limbs amputated.


If your dog needs to wear a diaper, you’ll need to ensure that you choose the right kind. As we’ve seen in this article, you’ll need to do this according to your dog’s weight, size, tail, gender, and more so that you can find the most comfortable fit.

Before putting a diaper on your dog, always make sure you first consult your vet. He or she might want to examine your dog if it’s suspected that your dog’s peeing a lot more or becoming incontinent as a result of a health problem.

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