English Cream Golden Retriever: Facts and Information

Well, we all love those little furry puppies that keep rolling and trudging all over, don’t we? English Golden Retriever has garnered a massive fan base due to its soft toy-like outlook. 

Be it kids, older people, or a couple starting a family, these soft toy doggos are perhaps the first choice of all. Golden Retrievers thus are one of the most sought-after dog breeds currently across the globe. 

So, how about we learn a little more about our first contender for the cutest pet alive? Let’s get started.

History and Origin

History and Origin
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The English Cream Golden Retriever is a medium-sized four-legged dog originally from the United Kingdom. In addition to a beautiful golden coat, this dog has a calm and friendly personality. This breed is one of the most frequently registered pets in colder nations. But, owing to the growing demands, one can easily find a retriever in any part of the world. 

Initially, Sir Dudley Marjoribanks developed the breed at his Scottish residence Guisachan in the late 1800s. He got us our friendly cute furball by inbreeding Flat-coated Retrievers with Tweed Water Spaniels and additionally Labrador Retriever and Bloodhound infusion. 

They Were Not Always Golden Retriever

They Were Not Always Golden Retriever
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Yes, that’s the reality. We could not believe it at first. However, as per the anecdotes, originally known as the ‘Flat-coated Retriever,’ the Golden Retriever was thought to be a color variation of the previous breed. The Kennel Club documented the first occurrences in 1903, placing them in the same register as Flat-coats. 

A Golden Retriever won a field trial in 1904, and the first specimens showed conformation exhibitions in 1908. In 1911, the Golden Retriever Club was created in England for the breed. They were given a new moniker, the ‘Yellow or Golden Retrievers.’ 

From this point on, they were widely considered a different breed from the Flat-coated Retriever. Thus, we got our cute little cream Golden Retriever.

Appearance And Nature

Appearance And Nature
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The Golden Retriever has a large head on a very moderate-sized body. They also have a well-defined jaw, dark eyes set up, and a wide and robust snout. The neck is strong and relatively long, with loose-fitting skin and a double coating of the fur that’s a different shade of white.

It is lightly pigmented and has a slight overhanging flew with decent-sized ears and small folds. Despite being named cream, their coat is always lighter or a notch higher than the actual shade. 

Their hair, however, might shed during winters and extreme weather conditions, but comparatively, they are not a bad shedder. All it takes is little care and a protein-rich diet, and they are good to go.

Golden Retrievers are essentially the most friendly and docile breed in nature. They are sharp-minded, understanding, and affectionate pets. Once your presence grows on them, they will always be wagging their tails around you and your loved ones. 

Their friendly and easy-to-train nature makes these dogs the best pet dogs for kids and people living alone. 

These little jumping beings can cure depression, help fight loneliness, and make the best dog-show content. So, if you need to put on a little show on the internet or in your locality, you just found your partner in crime.

Additional Character Traits

Additional Character Traits
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Some other extraordinary qualities of English Cream Golden Retrievers include:

  • They make a good companion dog for traveling, recreation, and your kids. They love the peaceful and serene ambiance, fun plays, and good stroll across the streets. Their calm demeanor makes them best fitted for keeping at homes with much smaller kids or other pets.
  • These dogs are not great hunters but can make a great show dog. Almost all dog programs puppy pageants include Retrievers as their star performers. Well, trained retrievers are one of the most popular breeds all over.
  • They might not be good runners because of their double heavy fur coating. As too many Golden Retrievers are produced for pets or the show ring than for hunting, hunters might find it challenging to obtain pups raised from proven working lines. 
  • Compared to other retriever breeds, the English Cream Golden Retriever takes a long time to develop. 

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Some Amazing Facts About English Cream Golden Retriever

Some Amazing Facts About English Cream Golden Retriever
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Are you intrigued about these furballs of wonder? We have got you covered. Here are 20 amazing facts about English Cream Golden Retrievers.

#1. They Are Not English

The Kennel Club and the Golden Retriever Club, and Bev Brown were the first to put up the breed name in all competitions. In the early 1900s, all dog exhibitions in the United Kingdom were held in England. 

As a result, in America, the winners of such dog exhibitions were dubbed “English Champions.” The “English” appear to have stuck with goldens that looked much like English winners back then. So even a century later, we still dub them “English” Cream Golden Retrievers. 

#2. They Are Not Exactly Golden Either

English Cream goldens are available in a range of hues; with the majority being on the lighter side of the spectrum. They’re usually cream or soft gold, rather than white like a brownie. 

Another intriguing fact here is that in the single-family, multiple hues of gold and cream may exist, with some puppies being lighter and also being darker. 

#3. There Is Only One Golden Retriever Breed

There is only one recognized breed of the golden retriever, although there are many different styles. American, Canadian, English golden retrievers and cream, gold, red, stocky, and field-bred golden retrievers are different breeds found worldwide. 

All of these breeds, despite having different colors and geographical spaces, most of them look alike.

#4. Comparatively Better Life Span

On average, Cream Golden Retrievers are known to live for a span of 12 to 13 years. Choose a reputable breeder who creates family pets if you want a golden retriever that will live a long and happy life. 

Undoubtedly, many English Cream golden retriever breeders make healthy dogs, but some other golden retriever breeds may also produce weaker pups which might not be suitable for a family pet.

#5. They Are Less Prone To Cancer

As studies have shown, the gene alteration in English Cream Golden Retriever can withstand protection against Cancer Cells. 

Therefore, these Scottish breed dogs are less likely to die from cancer than other breeds. Hence, you might want to consider petting these dogs over others.

#6. They Are The Coolest Pets Around

Unlike some moody breeds, Retrievers are fun-loving and quirkiest creatures. They love performing, attendance and limelight. Well, you can see Marley and me as proof. 

A majority of cream retrievers are thus performers, and those who are house dogs love playing around. If you are an agile and outdoorsy person, this dog might be the right one for you. They also love dressing up and playing it all cool like a pro.

#7. They Can Be Great Shedders

They have double coating all over their body; hence, the hair loss goes without saying. The Cream Golden Retrievers are known to shed a great deal if neglected. As pets, they need proper hair care and diet to keep their coat clean and healthy. 

The best part is you don’t need to invest both time and money into it, just a little bit of changes in their lifestyle, and they are saved.

#8. They Are Accessible

No matter what part of the world you live in, this popular breed is found everywhere. Yes, some exotic rare breeds cream golden retrievers are accessible to all pet lovers. 

You have to find a good pet store with the proper paperwork, and voila, your beloved pet is ready to walk home with you.

#9. Range Of Colors

You will still get a lot more than just the cream variant for the English Cream Golden Retriever despite the name. Ranging from Tanto Light Creme, there are many inter-breed shades of fluffy coats to choose from. 

These Retrievers are equally pretty with the same soft and silken body. Pick your color and bring them home.

#10. They Are AKC Acclaimed

AKC is the association registering pets all over America. Much like their UK variant, this club, too, has recognized Golden Retrievers as one of the best pets. 

They consider them one of the friendliest pets and most affable creatures among the canines. Cream Golden Retrievers are often stakeholders and game-changers in all dog performances.

English Vs. American Breeds

English Vs. American Breeds
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Both UK and US standards vary when it comes to the size of the goldens. Yes, there is a slightly shorter UK version than the middle-sized American version of the same breed. 

In America, the breed’s size is 23-24 inches at the anterior end for males; and 21.5-22.5 inches for females. The standard size in the United Kingdom is 22-24 inches tall for males and 20-22 inches tall for females. 

#1. They May Be Bit Expensive

Since Goldens are very popular in demand, that elevates their prices all over the globe. An average English Cream Golden Retriever costs around $1500-2000. It may, however, depend upon the breed, color, and area you are living in. 

Still, the love, care, and affection these little beings will give you make the price seem a legit investment.

#2. They Are Good At Exercising

White Cream Golden Retrievers are not hunting dogs and need a lot of training to mature faster. Hence, the dogs are inbred to be good at exercising. 

And most importantly, these dogs take an active part in exercising and all sorts of fun games. They love waking, all types of fetching games, running, catch games, and of course, the pet playground for your four-legged friends.

#3. One Of The Most Popular Dogs

English Cream Golden Retriever, as per some surveys, is one of the most popular dogs. Everyone loves a cute, jumping canine with a happy, charming face. 

These dogs are also sought by therapy centers, rehabs, and nursing homes. Their amiable faces can light up your day and could cure you out of the mundanities of life.

#4. Goldens Are Foodies

Golden Retrievers are big foodies while growing up. They need five servings of an average-sized dog food bowl. Apart from this, they are good at chewing greens and proteins too. 

You can find them munching on snackable items all the time. But, as conscious dog owners, you have to monitor their eating habits as an obese Golden can fall sick pretty easily.

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Taking Care Of Your English Cream Golden Retrievers

Taking Care Of Your English Cream Golden Retrievers
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Your English Cream Golden Retriever needs just as care and concern as a family member. 

For them to grow up into big laddies, you need to put in some effort in their grooming, training, and dietary needs. For helping you with the same, here’s our guide to take care of your pets at home:

#1. Provide A Clean Shelter

English Cream Golden Retrievers are prone to skin infections and hair loss if their ambiance is not clean. We must give them a clean and liveable space to sleep and play as owners. 

The room must be airy and spacious enough for them to at least spread their legs properly. These dogs are smaller, so you won’t have to make much space either.

#2. Keep Them Hydrated

The white furs may be their most attractive, but it also drains their energy and retains more heat than usual. Always keep water handy for them and develop a regular drinking habit.

#3. Keep A Vet On Call and Handy

Like your routine health check, your pet also needs expert care. Fix regular appointments for overall body and health analysis, diet charts, and Vet’s take on their growth. Keep getting their overall health updated because they are delicate like kids.

#4. Keep Them Active

Pets often get lazy and lethargic when they don’t get to exercise. But, once you keep them on their legs with the proper exercise regimen and daily monitoring for walking and physical exercise, they learn.

It is equally important that your English Cream Golden Retrievers exercise regularly for their bone structure.

#5. Take Care Of Their Reproductive Health

If you do not want to breed your Golden Retrievers, spaying or neutering is a viable alternative for you. 

Or, if you are opposed to spaying and neutering for other reasons, take the necessary precautions to avoid mismatings. Consult your veterinarian about other treatment choices.


A dog occupies emotional, spiritual, and physical space in your life, just like a growing child. And becoming a dog parent is a huge responsibility for one and all. So, it becomes imperative that you are mentally and physically prepared. 

And Golden Retrievers are the best pets, indeed. But you have to do your homework to welcome these remarkable canines into your lives. If you have thought it through and being a dog parent is your choice, we are proud to help. Take the help of the pointers given in the article to prepare yourself for the upcoming member in your life.

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