How Many Times Can A Male Dog Mate in a Day?

How Many Times Can A Male Dog Mate in a Day
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As a dog breeder or a responsible pet parent, you should know how many times can a male dog mate in a day.

The answer to this query is important as you can plan the breeding process accordingly, prioritizing the dog’s health. As a dog owner, you do not want to be caught unaware and left to deal with an unplanned litter of puppies.

Male dogs can mate several times a day. Almost 40% of the time, they can get female dogs pregnant after a single mating session. Mating can sometimes become a problem, with male dogs showing unpredictable behavior if restrained.

Let us understand the mating aspect in male dogs and how you can best care for the animal as a breeder or owner.

How Many Times Can A Male Dog Mate in a Day?

If we just talk about mating and not impregnating the female dog, a male dog can mate several times a day. Ideally, male dogs can mate a couple of times with the same dog in a day. But this number can increase to 5 to 10 times a day if other female dogs are in heat nearby.

Dogs do not store an infinite quantity of quality sperm. The more the dog mates, the less will be the chances of impregnation.

A healthy dog will have the libido to mate 2 to 5 times a day. So, if you live in a neighborhood with female dogs, keep an eye on your male dog or consider neutering to avoid surprising pregnancies.

How Many Times Can A Male Dog Successfully Mate in a Day?

How Many Times Can A Male Dog Successfully Mate in a Day
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If impregnating a female dog is the motive, then a male dog in an ideal situation can successfully mate twice a day.

As the number of times the dog mates increases, its sperm count starts decreasing. So after a couple of times, the chances of the female dog getting pregnant are less, but it can still happen.

As mentioned above, if you let the dog mate, it can go on mating five times a day without hesitation.

The sperm quality of the dog plays an essential role in impregnation. So, it would be best to get a semen evaluation to know if the male dog is fertile to produce offspring.

For example, a semen evaluation can tell you about sperm motility, that is, the percentage of sperm actively swimming. In most fertile dogs, this percentage is around 90% to 95%. Anything below 80% indicated reduced fertility.

Dogs with poor sperm quality can still get another dog pregnant. But, it may require multiple sessions of mating. Thus, your male dog should mate up to two times a day with a single female dog. This increases the chances of pregnancy and does not overexert the male dog.

Is Mating Multiple Times Bad for Male Dogs?

Breeders typically choose dogs in the prime of their heath, with good fertility for breeding purposes. These dogs are known as studs. They receive a special diet and exercise for their overall well-being. Their health is a priority as they are expected to pass on their genes to healthy offspring.

Such studs usually mate only once a day. The frequency of mating on a monthly and yearly basis will also differ. The common belief is that if a stud mates too often, its sperm quality will drastically decrease. So breeders allow the stud to mate only a few times a year.

The dog will take up to months to regenerate its sperm reserves. Thus, the stud will need time to rejuvenate itself between mating sessions.

As a pet owner, it is fine if your dog mates 2 to 3 times a day. But, this should be a one-off scenario. The sperm quality will decrease, but with multiple mating sessions, the female dog can still get pregnant.

Over-breeding is not good for the health of dogs. The health of the offspring they would produce also comes at a risk.

If you are not open to welcoming an unplanned litter, female dogs in heat should be kept away from male dogs.

Can a Male Dog Mate for Consecutive Days?

Can a Male Dog Mate for Consecutive Days
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If you let it, a healthy male dog will want to mate 365 days a year. If it senses a female dog in heat nearby, it will jump through hoops, tear down fences and find a way to mate.

Depending on the dog’s size, it can mate for 3 to 5 consecutive days. Smaller dogs can mate for three days, while larger dog breeds can mate for five days.

The frequency of mating in a day also makes a difference. For example, if you have a small dog that has mated three times on the first day, it will be difficult for the dog to continue the same performance over the next two days and get the female dog pregnant. As a result, its sperm reserves can diminish quickly.

Technically, the dog can mate for consecutive days. But as a responsible breeder or pet owner, the dog should be allowed to mate once a day and be given ample time to rest between mating sessions.

How Many Times Can a Male Dog Mate Yearly?

If healthy offsprings are your goal, dogs should not be mated every other day.

Some breeders breed the male dog only once a week to maintain sperm quality. On the other hand, some breeders may breed their prized studs once in two weeks or so. This interval gives the dog enough time to rest and maintain sperm quality.

So, by the above standards, studs can mate approximately 26 to 52 times in a year.

If impregnating a female dog is not the goal, healthy dogs can mate once in two days. This takes the yearly tally to 180 times.

Please remember that the sperm quality can decrease, but that does not mean the male dog is infertile. The chances may be slim, but you should be careful as the female dog in heat can still get pregnant.

At What Age Can Male Dogs Begin Mating?

At What Age Can Male Dogs Begin Mating
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The age at which male dogs can become sexually mature varies from one breed to another. Puppies as young as six months can become sexually mature and be capable of producing their offspring. Larger dog breeds may take up to 2 years to become sexually mature.

It is not a rule, but most dogs reach sexual maturity around the age of 9 to 11 months. Male dogs are the most fertile when they are 12 to 15 months old.

As the dog matures, you will see behavioral changes. For example, male dogs begin to mark their territory. Yes, they will urinate all around the house and outdoors to warn other animals.

Right when the male dog matures sexually, its testosterone levels will be at their highest. So, you will also see other male dogs getting aggressive toward your dog.

Humping is another behavior common in such dogs. The male dog wants to have sex, so it will find inanimate objects like a table or chair to hump on.

If the dog matures sexually early on, for example, at six months, you should take precautions. If you have female dogs at home, keep them away from the puppy when they are in heat. When outside, ensure to have a leash on the puppy and do not let it roam around on its own.

You can consider neutering if you do not plan to breed. However, according to AKC, neutering before the dog has reached its physical maturity can affect its health. Thus, you should discuss the procedure in detail with the vet for the dog’s overall health.

Can Male Dogs Lose Interest After Mating Multiple Times?

Can Male Dogs Lose Interest After Mating Multiple Times
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Yes, it is possible for male dogs to lose interest in mating. Once the dog has successfully mated, meaning it has ejaculated, it will temporarily lose interest. You cannot force it to mate at short intervals. If you do, the dog will get tired with mating frequency.

There are other factors as well that bring about this change. For example, older dogs have a lower libido than younger dogs. If your dog suffers from a health ailment, it may not prefer mating. If the dog is injured, it will put its survival on top of its priority list.

A dog battling mental health issues may have difficulty mating. For example, if the male dog gets anxious or stressed in the presence of other dogs, it may not be open to the whole interaction.

Sometimes the act of mating requires human assistance. For example, the male dog must mount the female from the rear. Due to anatomical limitations, the male dog will have to be guided to this position. Though this interference may be necessary, not male dogs will be comfortable performing in such an environment.

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What Happens if you do not Let a Male Dog Mate?

What Happens if you do not Let a Male Dog Mate
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As a dog owner, you should know that your dog wanting to have sex is a natural part of its life. As the dog matures sexually, it will look for ways to mate.

If you do not let the male dog mate, it will start displaying its sexual frustration in the form of several undesired behaviors. Humping and mounting are two such common behaviors.

Humping tables, cushions, or even your legs would be normal. However, if this becomes a habit, the dog may continue to hump even after being fixed.

Mounting need not always be a sexually frustrated behavior. For example, a dog could mount even on you to show its over-excitement. It may mount over other dogs to show its dominance as well. But if this behavior becomes frequent after the dog matures, it could be linked to sexual frustration.

Other signs include restlessness, irritability, persistent erection, and grooming of genitals. It would be best if you were careful of the dog’s roaming behavior. If the male dog senses a female dog in heat nearby, it will do its best to get to her.

It can whine, bark, or growl to be let out. When out on walks, it can start pulling on the leash. Keep an eye on it while playing around the backyard because it could be searching for a way to get out.

What can you do if Mating Becomes a Problem?

If your dog shows the above signs of being sexually frustrated, then it is not a good idea to leave it alone. Its undesired behaviors can become worse. It may stop listening to your commands and try to break out.

Here are a few tactics you can try to calm the male dog:

  • Train the dog to listen to your commands. If your dog starts humping or mounting, command it to stop. Discourage this behavior from the beginning so it does not form into a long-term habit.
  • Use interesting toys and puzzles to divert the dog’s attention.
  • Give it chew toys or long-lasting treats like bully sticks. These activities will keep them occupied for longer periods.
  • Sexual frustration, in a way, is pent-up energy your dog is trying to release. Give the male dog plenty of exercise. Try going for runs, hikes, swims, playing fetch, or tug of war.
  • Consider neutering the dog. Neutering in some dogs considerably brings down undesirable behaviors. They become much calmer. Some dogs will still have their libido but much less compared to their earlier self.

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Can Neutered Dogs Still Mate?

Can Neutered Dogs Still Mate
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Neutering is the process of removing the male dog’s testes. It will make the dog sterile. Dogs may lose or experience a decrease in their libido after the surgery.

So, yes, your dog may still want to mate after neutering. Though, now with their reduced interest and calm behavior, you can better train the dog to refrain from undesirable behaviors.

Neutering is a simple procedure compared to spaying. A small incision is made near the dog’s scrotum, from where the testicles are then removed. The male dog will be under general anesthesia during the surgery.

One of the biggest advantages of neutering is that you can avoid unplanned pregnancies. As explained above, male dogs will go beyond doing their best to find a female dog in heat. A sterile male dog may still want to mate, but it will not lead to a surprise litter.

It can also be beneficial for the male dog’s health. It prevents testicular cancer and tumors. It also reduces the chances of the dog developing hernia.

A common concern that pet parents have is that neutering can alter the dog’s personality. That is true, but the changes will be for the better. Sexually frustrated dogs can get aggressive and destructive. Neutering can calm them down, reduce roaming and contribute to their better health.

Is Mating Necessary for Male Dogs?

Yes, dogs can live happy and fulfilled lives without mating.

This decision is personal. If you want to allow your dog to mate, if you are ready to assume responsibility for the litter, then that is your choice. If you want to neuter the dog and not allow it to mate at all, that is your choice.

If you do not want to allow the dog to mate at all, it can still display signs of wanting to mate. In this case, be prepared to deal with behavior resulting from sexual frustration.

If you are worried about your neutered dog’s health, be rest assured. They can live as long as the pets that have not been fixed. Now that you know the answer to how many times can a male dog mate in a day, taking precautions becomes necessary. If the dog was sexually active before the neutering process, it might not easily let go of its humping and mounting habits.

How to Avoid Over-Breeding a Male Dog?

How to Avoid Over-Breeding a Male Dog
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Breeding should be done in a responsible manner. Over-breeding can lead to an unhealthy stud and unhealthy offspring.

Do not force the male dog to mate. A female dog in heat nearby is usually enough motivation for the dog to mate. But, if the male dog does not show interest or is tired, then please do not forcefully mate the dog.

Dogs can mate multiple times in a day, but this does not mean you let them go on mating until they are exhausted. For example, if you are mating them twice a day, give them enough time to recover between the two sessions.

Male puppies can produce offspring as early as six months. But, it would be ideal to wait until they reach maturity and fertility around the age one – one and half year mark. Similarly, do not keep breeding the dogs until they are old and weary. This is bad for the dog’s health. The offspring could also be born with health conditions.

Always remember that breeding a male dog means a litter of puppies. Unless you can ensure the puppies will be taken care of, do not breed your male dog senselessly.


How many times can a male dog mate in a day? The answer depends on the purpose. If you let the dog mate as per its will, it can mate 5 to 10 times a day.

If you want the male dog to impregnate a female dog in heat, it should not be allowed to mate more than a couple of times in a day. The dogs should be given enough time to recover between the two mating sessions.

A male dog’s sperm quality can reduce if it mates multiple times in a short period. As a result, the chances of impregnation are also reduced.

If you do not plan on breeding your male dog, consider getting it neutered to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Until the procedure is done, ensure the sexually mature dog is not let anywhere near female dogs in heat. Use training, exercise, and toys to keep the male dog active and engaged.

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