Seppala Siberian Price: How Much They Cost?

As dog lovers, we all want a pet that fits in our life as the missing piece of the perfect puzzle. And if you are a sucker for a chunky woofer with alert ears and a thick coat, your search ends with Seppala Siberians. 

Wondering what these dogs are like and how much they cost? Find out all about Seppala Siberian prices and characteristics below!

How Much Do They Cost?

How Much Do They Cost
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A Seppala is an excellent pet for all age groups, and hence the pricing can be a bit higher than you expect. But, fret not, these woofers are worth every penny you invest. 

Seppala Siberians cost around $600 to $800 at a fully grown size. But these dogs might cost a little less when bought at a puppy stage. 

Seppalas require a great deal of exercise to keep them healthy. So keeping them as a pet in an apartment, unless spacious, might cause issues.

Factors Responsible for Seppala Siberian Price

Factors Responsible for Seppala Siberian Price
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To put it simply, there are a lot of factors due to which Seppala Siberians cost the amount mentioned above. 

To begin with, Seppala Siberians are work dogs rather than show dogs. They are also usually ready to complete whatever task you give them, which again makes them highly demanded. They have been quite popular in the United States for quite some time. 

This breed has been ranked among the top ten breeds several times by the working-class people in colder regions. 

The Seppala Siberian dogs are Arctic dogs by nature, making them ideal for working in cold weather. They also make excellent jogging companions as long as the weather is not too hot, as they have a thin coat but a thick undercoat.

This dog’s appealing, sublime appearance also contributes to the price. These dogs require little maintenance and are incredibly affectionate, making them good guard dogs yet not friendly towards strangers.

All these factors are responsible for the Seppala Siberian price. If you think you can afford to invest in this pet, you should learn a bit more about them before you do. So keep reading to do so. 

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Characteristics of Seppala Siberian Dogs

Characteristics of Seppala Siberian Dogs
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Seppala Siberian dogs are essentially working dogs. While they might often be considered of the same line as Siberian Husky dogs, Seppala Siberians are actually trained to work in extreme weather conditions and hold up to work better. 

They generally have more slender legs and bodies. And their coat colors vary in color and thickness, but not too much. The ears of Seppala Siberians are more erect in nature, making them attentive to the slightest noises. 

Moreover, the curve of their tail spine is relatively straight. These dogs descend from a wolf lineage and hence may also be mistaken for wolves many times.


Seppala Siberians make for excellent work dogs, as they are intelligent and can be trained easily. They have high energy levels, especially when they are young. 

Seppalas are known to be excellent sled dogs in the truest sense. But they also require a great deal of mental and physical exercise to keep doing such work. A bored Seppala could be destructive and agitated, so exercise is absolutely crucial.

They eat thriftily and actually require less food than you might expect. These dogs are also generally docile as long as the human master takes care of them as a pack leader. However, they also need to be constantly and actively engaged in work since they get bored quickly.

Seppala Siberian dogs are best kept in a fenced yard. This way, they have the space to run about and play, keeping themselves in shape and getting the opportunity for exercise as well. 

These dogs are also not suited for confined spaces or for the show ring. This is because they are more primitive by nature and, therefore, slightly more aggressive. These dogs also require constant cool weather to stay comfortable, as their coats are pretty thick overall. 

Physical Proportions And Body

Under normal circumstances, the general height of a male Seppala is 23 inches, with a standard range of 21 to 25 inches; it may sometimes be as tall as 27 inches. 

A fully grown male adult in lean working condition on average weighs 52 pounds and typically ranges from 38 to 65 pounds. 

However, a mature female’s measurement starts from 21 inches, usually ranging from 19 to 23 inches. An adult female in lean working condition weighs around 42 pounds on average, typically 30 to 55 pounds. 

You must note that the weight and size are highly subjective to their body type. The weight should be proportionate to the height. Anything more and your Seppala might experience disturbing physical functioning and obesity.

Colors and Markings

The colors in average Seppala Siberians range from nearly all-black to pure white, with many crossbreed distinct shades of gray, fawn, sable, reddish-brown, and pale wolfish shade. 

Generally, buyers find the color very insignificant. But remember that dark dogs may suffer significantly from sunburn in the hot summer sun, whereas white-coated dogs are far more resistant. White-coated dogs are still hugely unwanted since they are afflicted with a physiological failure to make standard black pigment and are associated with poor work performance. 

Seppala reds, sometimes known as sables, often have black tips to the guard hairs, as well as black lips, noses, and eye rims.

Now, let’s talk about markings. Many minor markings make this breed an exotic one. But, the most significant are these three:

Symmetry Markings

Also known as bilateral symmetrical markings, this pigmentation of different shades extends from head to tail and is distributed evenly. It is one of the most common markings to be found in dogs. Seppala’s, German Shepherds, and other sled dogs usually have these markings on their bodies.

Piebald Spotting

A piebald or pied Seppalas Siberians have a pattern of unpigmented (whitish or pale) dots on a pigmented backdrop of furs and coats. Thus, a black Seppala with white patches is a piebald black and white Seppala Siberian dog. 


Many Seppalas have the “saddleback” pattern. Black pigment on their head and limbs fades off in formative years, exposing a body sequence of dark hairs shaped like an English saddle horse.

Advantages Of Having a Seppala Siberian Dogs

Advantages Of Having A Seppala Siberian Dogs
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Seppala Siberian is usually mild, tractable, and docile. They are lively, joyful, and typically highly curious; however, they can be reserved around outsiders. There are so many advantages of keeping Seppala Siberian dogs as pets. 

#1. They Make the Best Guard Dogs

There are various benefits to having a defensive dog-like Seppala Siberian. Having a Seppala Siberian may be excellent home security. Often, they will alert you to any intrusion faster than your usual alarm. They will be aware of approaching outsiders before they enter your property and usually frighten them away.

#2. They Are a Great Family Dogs

These dogs are docile and friendly. Their smooth temperament and sweet disposition is also great for people starting families. You can always trust them to be patient and understanding with toddlers too.  

#3. These Dogs are Very Self Reliant

A Seppala is a very self-reliant pet. Once trained and maturing, they become totally independent of their body cycles, awareness, food requirements, and affection towards their human friends. 

#4. They are not Quarrelsome

Seppala Siberian dogs are often gentle when left among other pets. They rarely fight and remain calm even when there is some sort of tension going on. Despite their shepherd inheritance, they are quite a softie in demeanor.

#5. They are Not Heavy Shedders

Despite having the heavy double coat of fur, Seppalas only shed twice a year. Their hair is sleek, smooth, and requires very little attention. A straightforward hair care regimen is good to keep their coat shiny and healthy. Just give them a balanced diet and good combing once in a while, and you are good to go.


Petting a dog is a huge undertaking. You must be prepared fully, both financially and otherwise. Hopefully, the Seppala Siberian price and characteristic details above will help you decide if you should get one of these lovely woofers. Take help from the overall factors given above and be the best dog parent out there!

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