Why Does My Dog Nudge Me with His Nose? Know the Meaning

Dogs truly are some of the most majestic and adorable creatures to have ever walked the planet. In addition to their cuteness, there are certain quirks and eccentricities that we associate with these furry little friends of ours, and one of them is when they nudge us with their noses.

If you’re a dog parent, there could be numerous questions you often find yourself pondering upon, such as why your dog goes a little crazy at night or why your dog won’t leave your side.

Similarly, a question that is quite common to arise in a dog owner’s mind is, “Why does my dog nudge me with his nose?”. Could it be something silly, or is there a deeper meaning associated with this gesture?

In case this question has been in your head for quite a while now, fret not because we are here to tell you exactly what it means when your dog nudges you with their nose.

Why Does My Dog Nudge Me with His Nose?

Why Does My Dog Nudge Me with His Nose

There are, in fact, quite a few reasons why your dog keeps nudging you with their nose, and some of those reasons are as follows:

A Way of Greeting

Every dog has a different way of greeting their fellow humans. While some run to you as their tails keep wagging happily, some paw at you or even headbutt you lovingly.

Nudging a human being with their nose is yet another way for them to greet you and show you how happy they are to have you back home.

The funny part is that this way, they also get to sniff you well and determine the places you have possibly visited while they were at home waiting for you.

To Get You to a Particular Place

To Get You to a Particular Place

When your dog nudges you with their nose, it is a high possibility that they wish to take you to a particular place. It could be somewhere in the house or perhaps even on the road.

They could also be asking you to take them for a walk or give them back the toy you hid earlier that day. While these are common explanations, another reason dog owners should know about is that nudging with the nose is an instinct for certain herding breeds.

Herding doesn’t really occur as a method of wanting attention or a sign of misbehavior. Instead, it is often caused in dogs due to movement. Some herding breeds you might want to be aware of include German Shepherds, corgis, and border collies.

As herding dogs have a deeply ingrained desire to control the movement of the animals around them, it’s natural for them to behave in the same manner with human beings as well. Fortunately, it’s possible to train dogs to decrease such behavior.

Seeking Your Attention

You must have seen kids pulling at the hands or clothes of their parents to get their attention. Similarly, a dog nudging you with their nose is a way for them to have your attention.

Perhaps they wish to play with you or maybe direct your gaze in their direction since they are bored. In case you’re lying down on the couch or your bed and feel your dog nudging their nose on you, they are probably hoping for you to show them some love and cuddle them.

These nudges can also sometimes work as a friendly reminder as far as dogs are concerned. When humans get distracted and forget a particular task related to their dogs, these furry little beings nudge them with their noses to remind them of the said task.

For example, if you forget to give your dog little treats while training them, they could nudge you with their nose to remind you that they deserve a treat for being obedient during the training.

Other examples include when you reschedule your dog’s daily walk routine or forget to refill their food or water bowl.

Displaying Affection

Displaying Affection

Did you ever think that your dog nudging you with their nose would be a way for them to show their love and affection towards you? Well, it’s true.

So, the next time your dog does this, remember that it makes them happy and that it’s also a way for them to tell you just how much they love being around you.

Attempting to Comfort You

If dogs could speak, they would do everything in their power to make their human friends feel better, but since they can’t, they resort to cute techniques to cheer them up whenever required. One of these techniques is that of nudging a person with their nose.

Has it happened in the past that you had been feeling low, and your mood suddenly became better once your dog nudged you with their nose? If yes, then this isn’t a coincidence because it’s their way to get you out of your bad mood.

When they see you responding to this gesture with a smile or a laugh, they are bound to repeat it every time they sense you’re upset.

Hoping to be Petted

Hoping to be Petted

Sometimes, the answer is simple and sweet behind a dog’s behavior, and the same is true with a dog nudging you with their little nose. Most of the time, it’s your little buddy wanting you to pet them, scratch them behind their ears, and basically do all you can to cuddle them.

As a Response Method

What does an animal do to respond to human beings since they can’t say the words out loud? They choose certain gestures to show them that they are listening carefully and understand everything you’re saying. Well, at least most of it.

Yes, a little nudge using the nose can be a way for them to respond to your words. Dog owners often have conversations with their pets, telling them about their day or of the things that bother them or make them happy.

Dogs often respond to such conversations by looking up at your face, wagging their tail, grunting, or nudging you with their adorable nose. This gesture is even more commonly seen whenever you ask them, “Who’s a good boy/girl?” If that isn’t super cute, we don’t know what is.

Nervous Behavior

Nervous Behavior

Although most of the time, it’s not a worrisome trait for a dog to nudge you with their nose, at times, it’s best to scan your surroundings or the situation to see if there is an underlying issue that could be causing this behavior.

If you feel like your dog is pushing you away through this gesture, then it’s time to reevaluate the emotions your dog is going through. It could be because they feel uncomfortable around other people or other dogs, especially if they display this behavior when they are out in public.

Maybe they are experiencing fear and are nudging you so you will keep moving so they can physically escape the environment around them.

On the other hand, it could also be because they sense your fear or anxiety and want to help you get away from the stressful ambiance. Your dog can also nudge you with their nose if your attention becomes too overwhelming for them, and they require some personal space.

Dogs who aren’t social often nudge their owners with their noses. In such cases, it’s good to train your dog in a way that makes them more friendly and comfortable enough to be around other dogs and human beings.

Acting Out

If your dog nudges their nose against you too often, it could be a sign of them acting out and attempting to assert their dominance. If this behavior isn’t looked into soon enough, it can escalate into aggression, which can lead them to bite or even grab someone’s arm with their mouth.

Therefore, make sure to give them the training they need so that this seemingly harmless gesture doesn’t turn into something dangerous.

Should You Be Worried If Your Dog Keeps Nudging You with His Nose?

Should You Be Worried If Your Dog Keeps Nudging You with His Nose

When a dog nudges you with their nose, it could be because of something sweet or silly, such as them wanting to play with you or comfort you. However, if they do it excessively, then they can become clingy or even distract you negatively from your daily activities.

It could be that this behavior is caused by dominance or anxiety, in which case you should consult a vet and take immediate action.

How to Stop Your Dog from Nudging You?

Are you worried that your dog’s nose-nudging behavior isn’t a positive sign? If that’s the case, then here is what you can do to stop it:

1. Think of How It Started

Think of How It Started

If your dog has been pushing their nose at you since forever, it can be tough to remember why they started doing it in the first place. Does your dog only nudge you when there are guests around or while you’re working?

Timing needs to be considered as well. For example, if they nudge you with their nose in the morning, then it’s probably because they know that it will get you to wake up and feed them.

If this is a gesture they have adopted recently, then it could be because of anxiety or stress, which can help you get to the root of the cause.

2. Don’t Encourage It

It’s really tough to be strict with our dogs, but it’s often necessary not to give in to their puppy eyes and let them get away with everything.

Your dog has probably noticed that every time they nudge you with their nose, it makes them do it repeatedly. Therefore, you need to check your own behavior and change it so that they realize that a nudge can’t always get them whatever they want.

3. Train Them Well

Train Them Well

Positive reinforcement works tremendously in helping your dog get rid of the negative behaviors they display. If you want the nose-nudging to reduce, you will have to train your dog accordingly.

Also, make sure to spend quality time with your dog so that they feel loved and acknowledged. Cuddle them, make them exercise, and give them treats so that they can unlearn this habit.

4. Be Careful of the Triggers

Not every dog gets to improve their social skills from a young age. Some of them also go through traumatic experiences that make them develop triggers, leading them to nudge their noses against other people in certain situations.

For example, a dog could nudge their nose against you if they see a dog breed they don’t like or if they are scared of cars in traffic. It can also be a sign of separation anxiety.

Either way, it’s important to recognize these triggers and reintroduce your dog to them in a safe environment that lets them get over these triggers and not hide behind the nose-nudging technique.

Why Does My Dog Nudge Other Dogs?

Why Does My Dog Nudge Other Dogs

Much like how dogs nudge humans with their noses, they can do the same to other dogs. This is usually a way for them to make friends with the dogs around them and play with them.

However, it’s important to notice the little things and make note of the dog’s body language. If your dog is shy, then receiving nudges from hyperactive dogs won’t go down well with them. Not only can this initiate a fight, but it can also cause them to think about that dog in a negative way.


Is it okay to playfully tap a dog’s nose?

As long as you tap the dog’s nose softly, it is alright to do so, especially when they know that you’re their family and mean them no harm.

Do dogs like it when you touch their ears?

Dogs love it when their owners touch their ears since they see it as a sign of affection and communication.

Do dogs like it when you touch their belly?

Yes, dogs do like it when someone touches their belly as it is calming to them and also a way for you to bond with them.

Do dogs like having their nose kissed?

Usually, it’s advised not to kiss dogs on their nose, their face, and on top of their head, as many dogs can find it threatening when someone gets too close to their face.

What is my dog’s nose telling me?

A dog’s nose doesn’t have any connection with their health, which is why dog owners shouldn’t worry about it.


Having a dog is often like having a little child whose vague signs and gestures need to be figured out to understand what they are trying to convey.

If you are a new dog parent, then it could take a while for you to determine why you keep getting nudged by your dog’s nose. Maybe they want food, or perhaps they want to go outside and play; whatever the reason, it takes some time to understand the various meanings of this gesture.

In case you fear that the behavior is arising due to negative emotions, you must examine it thoroughly so that you take the necessary steps before they become hostile or more anxious. Through some simple techniques, you can train your dog to behave like the good doggy they are.

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