Here’s My Story

Heather Abraham

My name is Heather Abraham, and ever since I was six, we’ve had dogs in the house.

I admit, I have a stronger connection with pups than I do with cats or birds, but I still love my lot of furry friends the same.

I survive by three pups, one cat, a leopard gecko, and Fudge the parrot, who refuses to say curse words regardless of how many times my dad tries to teach him.

Pups come number one on my list because at times, they require some of the most complex care when it comes to dieting, medication, exercise; you name it.

I want to be that resource for other pet owners who need a helping hand, and could really use a bit of guidance if they’re new to owning pets.

From puppy to full-grown dog, from boxers to retrievers, I have so much experience and knowledge to share with you about dogs.

We’re going to cover pain relief, diagnosing issues, dog health, oral health, and the fun stuff like toys, beds, and everything else that gets your dog excited.

The goal is to help you become a better dog owner while granting you a reliable friend whenever you’re in need—that’s what I hope to be for you.

Together, we’ll be able to give your pups all the help they need, whenever they need it.